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We specialize in the design, supply and installation of wastewater and water treatment and green energy solutions.

We install solar systems to borehole installations. This helps in reducing the electricity bills phenomenally and is the green way to go.

We exist to provide top of
the market technologies and
expertise in the assessment and
implementation of world class water treatment.

Our sewage systems function on S.A.F technology.

Our product range can be used to clean wastewater:

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable!

Our technology is completely biological. No chemicals are added.

We also purify water from various sources, even the most unhygienic sources like rivers or lakes & even from boreholes to make it safe for drinking. This is achieved using a series of filters, flocculants and reverse osmosis plants where required, to kill all bacteria and micro-organisms. This ensures prolonged safety from micro-biological contamination to safe drinking water.

Take Control of Your Wastewater Management Today!

We also Supply Solar Materials For Manufacturers, Installers & Contractors.

Sustainable, reliable & affordable wastewater and sewage treatment and green energy systems, Find Your Solution Now!

Efficient Wastewater Management Systems

Residential & Industrial Wastewater Management Systems!

Biovend East Africa Limited specializes in the design, supply, and installation of innovative wastewater management systems tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. With a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, we offer a range of advanced solutions for treating both domestic and industrial wastewater.

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 Our systems are designed to treat grey and black water for reuse purposes, such as irrigation, re-flushing toilets, and cleaning.

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